Thursday, June 12, 2008

Myanmar/Burma disaster


It is feared up to 1 million people may have died in this disaster, and although this is disputed, if Nargis did kill this many people, it would be the deadliest cyclone ever recorded, and the third deadliest natural disaster ever recorded in history, behind the Yellow River floods of 1887 and 1931 in China. At least 10,000 people have been reported to have perished in the delta town of Bogale.One aid worker has claimed that the death toll from the cyclone and its aftermath may reach 300,000; if this was correct it would be the 2nd deadliest cyclone and fourth deadliest natural disaster.

~ Wikipedia

Got an email from Fide Trainer / FM Peter Long relaying the appeal by Myanmar Chess Federation for donation.

Here's a quote from the email:-

I just met Maung Maung Lwin, President of Myanmar Chess Federation at the ASEAN Age Groups in Danang, Vietnam and he asked me to help circulate the attached appeal to the chess world.

Maung has tirelessly and singlehandedly kept Myanmar chess alive for over 20 years and despite losing all his businesses (factory, restaurant, etc.) in the recent Cyclone Nargis he is more concerned about his people's plight and is still helping promote chess by agreeing to be our Chief Arbiter here!

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Anonymous said...

I am very sorry but I doubt than any person in the world can singlehandedly keep chess alive in any country.