Thursday, June 12, 2008

Donations for China Earthquake victims

This is my second post on natural disasters and the human tragedy that resulted. I'm talking about the recent quake in China and my heart sank when I saw the pictures of the children killed by falling buildings. Even though I don't live in China, I am Chinese and I do have relatives living in Hainan, China. Thankfully that was not the area hit by the quakes.

I'm also heartened by the fact that a online casino website is helping out with donations to the victims of the quake. I'm talking about which is an online backgammon site that also host blackjack tournaments.  It is commendable that they are channeling proceeds of prize money from the blackjack and backgammon tournaments directly to UNICEF organization.

For every $1 donated from a months worth of tournament buy-ins, Backgammon Masters will be donating $5. That's very generous of them and I salute their efforts.

Online backgammon and blackjack tournaments will be offered for the whole month, 24/7 to help towards this cause. So if you are into Blackjack or Backgammon, do drop in, register with the online casino website and join the online tournaments with buy-ins that ranges from $4.50 and $200. Where else can you have a good online game of backgammon and contribute to a good cause at the same time?


Nishadha said...

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tuti said...

It is really nice gesture to contribute the money. It means that every player, playing backgammon for real money contributes. So lets make sure that more people will play on real money.